Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deep river ,nc

We will meet at 9:00am at 35°34'40.55"N, 79°11'39.79"W (just paste these coordinates into I made a change to the coordinates in the calendar entry on June 2nd, so please remap the location if you already mapped it prior to that date. There is pavement left from the old Route 15-501. Drive south of the bridge and turn off Route 15-501 onto this old pavement and head back toward the river.With the water levels now, I would expect our upstream paddle should be against a current of less than 1.5 mph. If anyone plans to do the short trip only, starting from the park where we will be stopping for lunch, please contact me. For our stop at the Endor Foundary, it would be good to bring high boots or long pants since this is the season for ticks and posion ivy. The walk to the foundary is about 300 feet.I am looking forward to paddling with you ... Rich

It was a fun trip on the Deep River yesterday! Thanks for organizing it Rich! Pam

My first-ever paddle on the Deep River was maybe 15 years ago, in July, and the temperature was over 100. And yet we were cool enough down on the river. I'ver never forgotten how glad we were to be there. It is a great river! Ginger

The day started with a 25 foot steep rocky goat trail to get our 10 boats to the water. Once on the water Mark, Lisa, Eva, Tamas, Ginger, Chip, Camille, Pam, Marianne (and dog Jax) and Rich paddled upstream against a current of a little more than one mph. The water was flowing much to fast at the rapids formed by the old lock to paddle up it, so we pulled our boats over the rocks of the old dam. The lunch stop at the Deep River Park was complete with picnic table. They have added a concrete boat ramp which is much easier for launching and landing than the canoe slide. Returning down river after lunch we enjoyed the fun of running the rapid at the old lock. The water was really moving, I clocked 8.1 mph on my GPS. Just down river half of the group chose to hike to the Endor Foundry while the rest continued to paddle on. I so hope that everyone avoided getting poison ivy on their ankles. There was plenty of it on the trail to the foundry.At the finish, with 12 miles of paddling behind us, it was back up the goat trail with our boats. It was a good day of paddling and so great to see new CKC members joining the trip!Some pictures posted.

As most of you know the GPS coorindates for the Deep River Park, our lunch stop for the trip, where bogus. I investigated and discovered that the source of the error was from the Google Earth waypoints from Paul Ferguson's website.I notified Paul, telling him of the new boat ramp and the coordinates. 35°34'14.31"N, 79°14'28.76"W Paul thanked us for the update and has already corrected his website.If you use Google Earth with Paul's waypoints, you should go into Google Earth and delete the old waypoints. Then go to Paul's website and load the updated waypoints to Google Earth and save. ... Rich

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure


I'm here to make a difference
There are many ways to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. You can choose to raise awareness and funds by participating in an event, such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Become an activist to achieve important legislative objectives. Or simply make a monetary contribution. But no matter how you give, every bit helps support the Komen global mission of ending breast cancer.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Black River , NC


Thanks so much Pam and Frank for a wonderful weekend of paddling and campfire camaraderie. It was a blast!The creek paddle at Clear Run was the greatest fun. What scenery! And it gave us some practice with scooting over, portaging around and swimming under a log pulling one's kayak behind.The FOOD! The brats were wonderful! Eva and Maria were there so you know we ate well. And the chocolate chip cookies - of course not a one was left. And the strawberries?? Ask Pam.

Yes, many thanks to all for making this trip wonderful! The food, the companionship, the weather, the strawberries :), were great! The paddling was superb, especially the side explorations. We paddled approx. 10 miles Saturday and 5 or so on Sunday. The river level was around 9 ft with a nice flow. I'm looking forward to our next weekend paddle/camping trip!
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