Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Okefenokee paddle, GA


“ What a GREAT place to paddle,
and REALLY GREAT PEOPLE to paddle with!!!!!!!
Can we go back NOW! ”


“ What an amazing place..even in the rain!!
THANK YOU Craig for organizing this,
and thanks to all my paddling buddies for great company,
lots of laughter, wonderful food, and inspiration.
I want to go back! ”

“ Fantastic trip! The scenery was great and the company excellent.
We had a wonderful time and lots of fun besides.
I have not laughed so hard in years. ”


“ It was a great and wonderful place.
This is a place that you have to see first hand,
because the pictures don't show it justice.
You have to put this on your must paddle list.
A great group of people went on this trip which just made it that more enjoyable. ”


“ Unbelievably Awesome!! Words cannot describe it. ”

“ i saw my cats, and i took a nice bath .......
i am ready to go back ....
right now !!!!! ”

Thanks to all of you
and especially Craig for such a wonderful paddle trip.
I think we had a great group and enjoyed myself tremendously.
I've been on lots of outdoor adventure trips
and this was definitely one of the best.
Craig, you had a great idea in scoping this one out
and doing all the planning.
You were all lots of fun and good company!

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