Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marathon #1


"How about a marathon bounded by Jordan, Buckhorn, and Locksville dams encompassing CF, Haw, and Deep rivers . Basically a big reservoir in the summertime and easily accessed at Avents Ferry Rd (HWY 42) with no shuttle needed.

I'm thinking a dawn launch from the 42 ramp, down to Buckhorn and back, picking up anybody who doesn't want to launch at dawn about an hour later (7:45) on the way back up, then upriver to right of the island both ways, continuing up the Haw to Jordan, then back around Mermaids point up the Deep to Lockville and back to the start. I figure to avg 3-4 mph. Not a race. Those who really like to paddle in the heat of the day, can meet us at the Jordan Lake Dam around 10:30 or so. All times are approximate.

The course is sort of a Y. Not a real Y, but more like one of the Y's in those words that you have to type in when you're registering in a new website."


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day weekend


Eva, Thomas and myself have reserved Holly Point campsite #122 at Falls Lake for Labor Day Weekend! Our reservation is for the nights of Sept 3rd, 4th, & 5th.

Make your own reservation for two nights (minimum on holiday weekends), three nights or come out just for the day! (There is a $6 day charge.) This will not be a structured event. We'll keep it laid back and fun!

Reserve a site for just $20 a night. There is a two car, six person limit per site. Most of the outside-loop sites in Loop 4 have great access to the lake where we can put in and park boats for the weekend. Sites 126, 127, & 129 have good access. Site 123 will need to use an adjacent site's lake access. Sites 119 & 121 have lake access but are more open.


"The weather couldn't have been better for the Labor Day camping and paddling! Some paddlers camped all weekend, some just a couple of nights, some came for the lunch and/or a paddle. There were new members, members from out of town and members who we've not seen in awhile. If you missed the lunch, well, the goulash was fantastic! There were night paddles, early morning paddles, and afternoon paddles. We even had a day and night hike to the BW Wells farm house. The weekend was laid back and fun.

Many thanks to my co-conspirators, Eva and Thomas, for making this an enjoyable event!

See you on the water!"

"Pam, who organized the Labor Day campout with Eva and Tamas, who provided genuine Hungarian goulash in a kettle hanging from a tripod "just like the nomads" (Eva). Everyone brought food for the Sunday feast -- salads, watermelon, fried chicken, chocolate, salsa, and much more. And people paddled up a storm. (We had campers and we had day visitors. It was all good.) I'd like to give the organizers credit for perfect fall-like weather and a great choice of campsites at Holly Point. (We occupied 6 sites, I think.) Thanks, guys! I know you did a lot of work ahead of time. It was wonderful. (My personal revelation was how much more beautiful Falls Lake is than Jordan in Falls's southeasternmost eight miles from Holly Pt. to the dam. Beautiful rock ledges along the river for miles. I want to go back!)"

"Ditto. Couldn't have asked for better weather! The air was uncommonly clear, you could see clear across the farthest reaches of the lake with no haze. The night paddles were fun, especially the impromptu expedition on foot Sunday night. Thanks to everyone for all the generosity and hospitality, especially Eva and Tamas for the goulash, chicken, etc. etc. although I have learned to leave the Hungarian peppers to the Hungarians!"


"It was a good time. Look forward to the next one!
Very good to see everyone that came out."

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